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Our Mission

WSPA Mission: The Washington State Pharmacy Association exists to advocate on behalf of its members to ensure pharmacy professionals are recognized, engaged and valued as essential to the healthcare team.

WSPA Vision: The vision of the Washington State Pharmacy Association is to ensure everyone understands and recognizes the importance of the profession of pharmacy.

2011-14 WSPA Strategic Plan

Pharmacy Facts

Our healthcare system is undergoing drastic changes. Pharmacists are the most underutilized healthcare provider. Rethinking the way pharmacists are utilized and aligning quality based compensation incentives is the way to improve management of chronic disease and reduce costly ER visits and hospitalizations.

What do pharmacists and pharmacy technicians do? How can pharmacists and pharmacy technicians improve your health and safety?

Scope of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice: Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians 2009 This paper provides an introduction to the education and training pharmacist and pharmacy technicians receive as well as mandatory and voluntary credentials available to pharmacists. Also provided, is a spectrum of profession roles, responsibilities and services in regards to the scope of pharmacy practice and patient care. Summary

What is the value of the care provided by pharmacists?

Improving Patient and Health System Outcomes through Advanced Pharmacy Practice, A Report to the U.S. Surgeon General 2011 From the Office of the Chief Pharmacist for the U.S. Public Health Service
An evidence-based report demonstrating improved patient and health system outcomes through pharmacist delivered patient care services. This report summarizes a substantial amount of published literature from peer-reviewed journals validating the need for pharmacists to be recognized as healthcare providers and be compensated. Report Summary Letter of Support from the Surgeon General Letters of Support from Physicians

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